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About Jeff


Jeff graduated from Catholic grade school, attended Catholic Seminary as a high school freshman, continued Catholic High School as a sophomore, and graduated from Issaquah High School.

While in high school, Jeff started his Republican involvement by doorbelling for then first-time WA State House of Representatives candidate, Kent Pullen. Once out of high school, Jeff discovered the value of manual labor, while working in a foundry, at a lumber treatment plant and by driving a combine.

In 1975, Jeff enlisted in the U.S. Army where he spent three years with the 9th Infantry Division and trained as a Scout. Once his enlistment was over, Jeff attended Washington State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. While at WSU, Jeff met his wife Cindy. Plans for a future together included applying to Gonzaga Law School. Then, as even now, the expense of Law School created an uneasy moment. Locating a job that had shift work and paid well enough to afford Law School was a challenge. Finding that the Spokane Police Department would allow Jeff to work graveyard shift while completing law school, seemed to be a perfect fit. Jeff and Cindy celebrated their wedding on a Saturday, and the following Monday morning Jeff started Law School.

Jeff worked patrol for seven years, having the opportunity to serve, protect and solve problems for so many of Spokane’s residents. Although Jeff had graduated from Gonzaga Law and was then a licensed attorney, he continued with Spokane Police Department and was promoted to Detective. As a Detective, Jeff was immediately assigned to a small under-cover unit that recovered millions of dollars in Spokane victim’s stolen property. Jeff continued working under-cover assignments, including drug enforcement and vice. The job was thrilling, but didn’t allow time for a family. Once children arrived, Jeff placed his family first and moved into the general detective division where he completed his career with Spokane Police.

Even though he was dedicated to duty as a police officer, Jeff always made time for family and contributed to our community. Coaching baseball, serving on many different boards, providing volunteer legal services, working on political campaigns, serving as a PCO, and having been elected for three terms in the Washington State House of Representatives provide just a bit of perspective into Jeff’s appreciation for, and service to, our Spokane community.

As an attorney, Jeff now finds that he remains compelled to stay involved with our Spokane community. Jeff’s education, experience, community involvement, drive and commitment have provided quality decisions and sound principled leadership for both our community and our state.

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