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As your 6th District State Senator, I have been effective in accomplishing what our region needs to thrive and grow, and I look forward to continuing to represent the Spokane area. 


Living in Spokane for 39 years, being a U.S. Army veteran and having retired from the Spokane Police Department with 22 years of service, I remain committed to service in our community. Graduating from both WSU and Gonzaga Law and having been both a detective and an attorney at the same time, I’m well practiced at seeing both sides of an issue . . . a skill set that allows me to be successful in the legislature.

During my last 10 years in Olympia, I fought for sustainable budgets and real reforms that help fix the fundamental problems of our state government. I've tried to be honest with the public on the limits of those hard-earned tax dollars we have to work with, and clear with other legislators that the tax payer's dollars must be guarded as we would our own.

I continue to work toward growing our local economy by providing an environment and infrastructure that attracts new business, while helping existing business to grow. My priorities continue to be providing for public safety, quality education and assisting the most vulnerable. Helping our economy grow is how we pay for it.

I continue to be thankful for your support,


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About Jeff

Catholic schools, an enlistment in the U.S. Army, a career as a Spokane Police officer,
28 years as an attorney, three terms in the House of Representatives, and serving as your current State Senator have well prepared Jeff to represent the Spokane area.



Thank you for your interest in supporting the campaign to elect Jeff Holy for Senate. We look forward to your comments, suggestions, questions, and other inquiries.



See a list of community members and organizations who believe in common sense leadership and have chosen to endorse Jeff Holy for the Washington State Senate.

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